Congress really needs to get it together.  It is amazing how individuals who do not suffer from any type of financial hardship can take their time to come to a decision on how to proceed with this so called “fiscal cliff”.  As per,  President Barack Obama has stated that the House of Representatives will not vote on any plans to avert the fiscal cliff on Monday.  Way to go GOP…..Bringing in 2013 with a BANG!!!!!!!!

President Obama also gave Congress a piece of his mind and let them know that this slow decision making is dysfunctional.  To us Americans who have to deal directly with the potential of tax hikes and spending cuts, this is more than just simply dysfunctional.  This is disruptive behavior and it doesn’t take them this long to finalize a decision that can make or break middle class Americans.  Let’s just hope this indecisiveness doesn’t carry deep into the first quarter of the 2013.  Hopefully Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, can finalize this decision so Congress can vote before the end of next week.


Congress and Obama


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