When you can say someone’s first name with no need to state their last name and people instantly know who you are referring to……that person is definitely one that has made a difference! This month, Urban Mommies is featuring Traci Young, former Assistant Choreographer of The Miami Heat Dancers and Founder and Creator of Young Contemporary Dance Theatre (YCDT).

Ms. Young has been changing the lives of young girls throughout South Florida over the last decade. She is well respected in both the dance community and the community at large. She is a petite woman who stands no taller than 5’2 with a personality that makes her 7 feet tall. Traci can walk into a room and change the vibe with her style and wittiness alone. The quality that makes the difference is what she possesses inside. Through the art of dance, she influences young girls to aspire to be better. They are encouraged to follow their dreams and conquer greater success in their future endeavors.

In addition to owning her dance company, Traci is a dance instructor at one of South Florida’s high schools. During football season, you can find Ms. Young volunteering her time to another set of young ladies…..The MNW Golden Girls. Each week these girls dazzle the crowd and perform routines under Ms. Young’s direction and supervision. From their carefully selected dance attire to their precise dance routines…..Ms. Young is responsible for the poise and grace exemplified by these young ladies!

Traci Young is known as woman that wears many hats and is recognized in the community as someone who influences change. Someone who offers more time than necessary to ensure that everything she touches turns gold. Urban Mommies appreciates her contributions to society and wishes that more individuals find pleasure in changing the lives of others.


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